About our business

About our business Welcome to 轻松呼电销机器人, The Ai robot platform designed by 轻松呼电销机器人. The robot has provided an information 重庆智能客服机器人 marketing management solution for enterprises, helping enterprises reduce their operating costs and improve the efficiency of marketing and management. Exclusive 电话营销管理系统 regional agent consultation. According to the precise voice platform, the eddy electric 广州巨轮机器人采购电话 pin robot group calls potential customers and simulates the communication of sales experts to conduct information screening. Set to select the intention customers, lock target customers, precision customer classification three marketing in one, to achieve full marketing! It avoids 外呼系统多少钱一个月 the fierce competition of the artificial electric sales, the large turnover of the personnel, the difficult to search for the customers, the long training time, the high cost of sales, the inaccurate data and so on. In many fields, such as real estate, loan, finance, decoration, and redress and so on, it has shown 灵声机器人多少钱一台 the unparalleled importance. I'm looking forward to your joining.


Introduction of electric pin robot

Introduction of electric pin robotAn Aidier AI robot, can pass 800 to 1200 phone every day, can one key into the phone, not affected by the environment, the standard stable dialing marketing work, comprehensive and efficient customer information according to grade classification, real voice recording, intelligent capture key words, support interruption and transfer and other power functions! Employing an artificial customer service salary, you can hire 10 smart phone robots, which greatly reduces operating costs and improves marketing efficiency and performance.